Opinion needed: Upgrading older pc with newer GPU (gtx550ti?)& display


I just reged here as I find this site has usefull hints and good experience, etc. so I wanted to ask you for your opinions regarding my matter.

I've an older pc, some may call it already a old rig (2007 iirc)... the point is, back in the days I've built it with intent to upgrade it later on. The GPU was the weakest part in it, I knew that from start, but it was enough and it suited my needs... years passed and now...
...my current display is ending his "life cycle"... and thus I will need to buy another one. This will most probably need to upgrade the GPU as well aaand yeah... that's where I would need some skilled advice as I was not watching the technological evolution in the past few years...

february 2013

BUDGET RANGE: for GPU <50-135€ ... for Display <80-130€

Anything concrete in mind? - Yes
GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 550 Ti DirectCU
Display: Samsung S22B350H - 21.5" @1920x1080/60Hz

USAGE: gaming (ranging from WoW, Minecraft, BF3, Crysis, AvP, Metro2033, Path of Exile, Diablo 3,... etc.)

GPU: Gainward GeForce 8500GT 256MB GDDR3 silent (it is a passive... yes... I know)
Power Supply: Fortron FSP400-60GLN

Current Display: Prestiogio 19" @1440x900/60Hz

CPU: AMD Athlon64 X2 5000 Black Edition currently at default @2,61Ghz
CU: Alpine Cooling AC64
MoBo: Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H
RAM: 2x1 GB DDR2 dual channeled @800Mhz (A-Data Extreme edition)
Windows XP / 7 - 32bit


Nvdia... Gainward, Asus, etc.

I planed the pc with this once to come, so it will probably come handy now


I know... the price range, especialy in GPU makes a great difference, but here is a reason for that... (=> mostly my current pc setup and later on the optional future update of the remaining pc parts). So yes, I plan sometimes to get a fully new pc, but at this moment I'm more than low on budget.

I do not care about ultra settings, Anisotropic filterings, Anti-Aliasing, nor high / HD resolutions, maximum res I play with is 1440x900,... I can live w/o those simply.
Ofc. if the pc will be able to handle higher settings, I will be just glad, but as said it is not my priority.

My plan is to get a newer GPU which will be able to keep up with the new Display.
OC the CPU...
With some time, I gonna upgrade the the PC with additional 2GB RAM (so I get max 4GB, as I would not want to use 64bit OS - if not necessary)
however... most probably I gonna buy a completely new pc if the upgrade price will be too high @not worth the money compared to what I could get for a bit more but fully new. This is the reason why the price range by GPU...

The main question is if the GPU will be suitable for that display and if the rest of the PC will be able to keep up at least in some degree with it (I'm clear with the fact that it is not balanced)... What must (not should) be upgraded beside the GPU/Display (I know the whole pc would need an upgrade, but that's not possible atm).


My questions:
1. If I buy the new 22" LCD... my current GPU will or will not keep up with it? (I lean to not)

2. If not... What would you suggest to me to do atm:
A) get some cheap 19" LCD @ 50-80€ (or maybe even less if bought from a bazaar/2nd hand) and low budget GPU @<30-60€ or even leave the GPU out and get just the LCD for the time being...
This would mean, that I will need to buy again a new display+GPU in the future when I decide to buy completely new pc.
B) get the new 22" LCD and the GPU, thus I would not need to buy them again in the future when I decide to buy new pc (I would just buy new MoBo, CU, 8GB DDR3 RAM, and maybe CPU if OC would not be enough)...

3. Which GPU would you recommend for my current pc as an upgrade to be balanced (as the GTX550 is evidently outperforming it)

4. What about the LCD Samsung? Is it fine? Any experience with it? How it performs at gaming?

5. Would you recommend another LCD? Why?
If so... I preffer low consuption displays, with at least 1440x900 resolution and good response for gaming.
Good reviews, experience, etc. LED/LCD, I don't care, althought LEDs are now greatly preffered and have low power consumption, well...
detail: the surface would be fine if not glossy, I just hate such surfaces on anything (one just touches it and it gets messy instantly... grrr) but if there is no other option I can live with it...
Also is the DVI connection a must or may I go with typical VGA cable? or even HDMI?

uff... if you read the wall of text and made it here, GL :sarcastic:

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  1. 1. I suggest you concentrate first on buying a great monitor. It will last you a long time.
    I might prefer a monitor with a IPS panel. They are a bit more expensive, but you get better 178/178 viewing angles and a better looking display.
    LG makes a reasonably priced one : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824005364

    A 8500GT will drive any 1920 x 1080(1080p) about as well as it does now. If push comes to shove, reduce the eye candy or resolution.

    2. I am not much in favor of interim solutions. You always end up paying more.

    3. I would look to one of the newer 28nm graphics cards. They take less power and run cooler. Something like a GTX650 or 7750.
    The psu you have may well determine what you can run without a psu upgrade.
    Here is a handy chart on psu requirements: http://www.realhardtechx.com/index_archivos/Page362.htm

    4. Samsung makes quality monitors. Do not worry about gaming and response times. LCD monitors will have a refresh rate of 60hz. That is 16ms per frame.
    It is doubtful that any graphics card short of a GTX670 could present frames to the monitor at anywhere near that rate.

    5. DVI and HDMI are digital connections which will give you better quality as a rule. HDMI can also transmit sound if your monitor includes speakers.

    6. You are almost certainly hurting your performance with 2gb of ram. Ram is cheap, see if you can't get to 4gb.
  2. OK.. I have checked out the stuff you recommended...

    I have definitely decided to get the GTX 650 as a GPU
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 650 OC 2GB DDR5
    it has less performance maybe, but the power consumption is very pleasant

    Regarding the display... hmm... I'm still not decided :/
    Maybe I just take stand on trivialities and probably won't go bad with any choice :s
    There are 3 candidates to choose from:
    A) Samsung SB22B350H (from my OP)
    B) Asus VS228H 22"
    C) LG IPS 224V-PN

    tbh. I'm really not sure about taking the IPS one, the price are the same as for the others, but somehow I do no trust the response times for gaming...

    But as said, I think it does not matter which one I will choose, as none will be some a bad decision, nor?

    Thanks for the answers geofelt
  3. so... I have bought the Asus VS228H...

    ... but... in Windows 7... it is total tragedy... I have no idea wth is happening in that system --- beside it is from mrkvosoft...
    the colours, brightness, contrast, saturation, the sharpness, the SHARPness, oh and I forgot to mention ofc the SHARPNESS?
    beside other weird troubles with it..

    luckily for me I noticed that in Windows XP is everything fine so at least I will not need to return the display back as a faulty one...

    but this belongs into a different topic so I wont write here about that issue.

    Final conclusion.

    I think next time, I gonna take the Samsung... Asus greatly disapointed me (and their "fast" lag-fest responseless vip.asus.com web just killed me)
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