Problem with connecting my pc to my lg tv via hdmi

I recently bot a 5m hdmi cable so i can (whenever i feel the need to ) use my tv screen as my computer screen .. but my pc cant recognize my tv neither the graphic card cant ,,
what should i do ?
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  1. Did you try going to the display options in windows and having it search for the monitor. It should show up the in the display setting on your PC. Or if not that in your video card drivers.(Like control catalyst or nvedia software.)
  2. yep ..!!!! also something new happens .. when i open my tv my desctop switches off and on again .. but still the tv show no signal .. also i run windows 8 and in the display options the screen cant be found .. oh one time i took off the vga which connects my computer with the desktop and the tv worked.. but when i connected the vga and searched for my desktop form display settings the tv showed again nosignal and my desktop worked again ...
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