How do I make a program open on a certain monitor?

I am setting up a win7 machine with dual monitors. The second monitor is going to be in another room. I want to have it showing the security cameras video at all times. How do I make it so that my VMS will always open on that monitor and keep it from turning into my primary monitor if the other one is turned off? I have tried UltraMon and do not think this is the answer.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Usually if you open the program on that window it should open it there every time you boot the program. I run two monitors and i keep my firefox full screen on the second monitor and every time i boot up firefox it boots to that screen. So i think if you keep the program over on that screen it should boot there when you start it up.
  2. Is there not a software that will let me specify what is on a certain monitor and lock it there?
  3. Well windows should do this for you automatically. But you can try the programs Ultramon or Display fusion.

    Hope this helps let me know.
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