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I've been tasked with getting more and more users workstations set up with dual monitors, spending as little money as possible. That means I don't get to go out and buy two monitors for every desk, because every desk already has one "perfectly good" monitor sitting on it. The problem is that what we already have is all over the place in terms of size, and resolution, and mostly VGA only. I'm having a heck of a time finding a modern graphics card that can handle two VGA monitors. I bought a small batch of Radeon HD 6450 from Sapphire and found that they have DVI-D ports, so no ability to use DVI->VGA adapters for dual VGA monitors. No problem, I'll use those in cases where the monitors both support DVI. But what's really frustrating is that there is often no information on these cards, they all just day "1x HDMI, 1x DVI, 1x VGA" and make no mention of what type of DVI port, ie DVI-D vs DVI-I (what I need sense they allow DVI->VGA adapters). You have to look through user feedback and hope somebody has made a specific note weather or not it'll work.

So, long story short, does anybody know of a specific model PCI-E graphics card that has VGA + DVI-I? These are not for gaming, so the lower cost the better. Oh, and preferably low profile :pt1cable:

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  1. I have been finding the opposite with regard to 6450's and higher, they all have been DVI-D that I've found (I am an AMD fan over Nvidia). I've purchased 3 different XFX cards that visually looked like they were dvi-i (based on the plug having 4 pins around the flat pin) and they all have a card in the box that says "STOP - This product can not support DVI to VGA Adapter DVI Port is a digital signal only". Well WTF, why don't you put that in your specs then!

    Thanks for that link, reading user feedback I see people referencing using using dvi->vga adapters, so that's probably a safe bet. (EDIT: EVGA's site also confirms DVI-I) Unfortunately that particular model doesn't come with a low profile adapter. Should get me in the right direction though.
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