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GTX 670 FTW SLI or wait for 700 series?

I currently have a GTX 670 FTW 2GB video card. I am wondering if I should run SLI or wait for the GTX 700 series. My main concern for the longest time was Crysis 3. I'm honestly past the fact that I won't be able to run on optimal settings. Or so I was told... Now, my concern is Battlefield 4. Though we do no know the system requirements of BF4, we can assume they are going to make it a demanding title. With that being said, and from what PC gaming hardware history shows, can I assume GTX 670 SLI will run it fine or should I wait for the 700 series? Thanks in advance!
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    I would wait for the game to drop, you'll be able to put through pretty solid setting s with a single FTW. no 16x aa and as but, still 'very high' wait for the games to comes out, then buy.
  2. I'd wait for 700 to arrive (it is this year, right?) and then SLI, cause the prices will be WAY cheap!!!
  3. ... Yeah, it's kinda pointless to drop another $400 on a card when the new series is just around the corner.

    That being said, does "optimal settings" mean maxxing out the game? You have to turn a few things down with Crysis 2, but it doesn't make a visual impact whatsoever. If your source told you you wouldn't be able to run at, say, high settings, then they're simply wrong - you can run at mostly ultra.

    As for Battlefield 4, it's a long way in the future, AND has traditionally been a CPU-bound game anyways.

    However, it sounds like what you're doing is trying to rationalize the purchase. If you want to get another 670, then just do so, instead of looking for an excuse. (You don't have to buy another of the exact same sort of 670, by the way - an MSI lightning would SLI with your EVGA FTW just fine. Wasn't sure if you knew that.)
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