Best Monitors for Eyefinity Setup.

Im going to 3 new monitors so i can run eyefinity. Im only looking to spend about $100-$125 on each monitor(kinda cheap). Ive been looking on new egg and i found a few monitors that would work great but I think I need help selecting which one i should get. I want at least 1080p and 22in screen size. One thing i am worried about is the bezel width. The dell one i think my have too big of a gap in between monitors to run games comfortably. What monitor do u think i should get or recommend getting?
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  1. Of those two, the Acer.

    The thing that everyone overlooks is bezel thickness. Get the measurements of the bezel off the newegg listing and then double it. That’s how thick the black line in-between the images will be. It might not seem like much now but wait till your gaming on it, it’s annoying.

    The Acer has a thinner bezel. Also make sure your monitor has a vesa mount. if you ever want to put them on a three monitor stand, they will need vesa mounts. The Acer has one. The Dell doesn't appear to.
  2. ^The monitor mounts are very nice. I picked one up for my setup off Ebay for like $100. I tuck the two outside monitors behind the center one to hide the bezels a bit. It works fine for me.
  3. The right term is thin bezel ( the frame around the monitor). I would avoid getting the Dell as it has buttons on the side that would interfere (alittle) that is with the whole eyefinity immersion.

    The acers are similar to the ones I have at home mine are the (v223hqv) dirt cheap , thin bezel but not the best quality image (even though 1920x1080p). (Cant seem to upload the image) of the monitors bezels together.
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