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Accelero Hybrid Graphics Card Crashing

January 30, 2013 6:07:39 PM

Hello everybody.

I have purchased the Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid. Yesterday it arrived. So i went ahead and removed the stock cooler from my GTX 580 3GB. used the thermal glue to glue the heatsinks to the card. After much effort(the instructions were terrible, the entire installation was terrible. Incredibly difficult. i have never done anything so difficult with my computer) i was finnaly ready to start my pc. I turned it on, booted, and opened precision x. My jaw dropped. 22C?! I went ahead and opened the CryENGINE 3 (i have a job in the CE3) And 5 seconds later my screen was covered with little dots and a second later a popup appeared saying my graphics card crashed.

i tried underclocking it. I underclocked both the memory and the core down a far ways. It didn't change.

I am VERY frustrated. VERY dissapointed. Of course with the installation of this cooler it voided my warrenty. So i will proabably have to buy a brand new one!

Can somebody PLEASE help me? Is there something i can do? Or am i screwed?