Need help determining compatability of possible replacement cooler

Hi , my MSI GTX 560 ti Twinfrozr 2 fan's cooler is broken , one of the fans is grinding and somethimes even comming to a complete stop.
Replacing the fan is impossible from what ive heard..
What i want to know is wether i can buy an aftermarket cooler for the gtx 560 , and if it would fit.

In other words : is the gtx 560 twinfrozr II a reference board card ?
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  1. Hey guys , found this fan : Arctic Cooling Accelero TWIN TURBO II

    Would you think it would fit on my card ? , it fits on the evga card , saw that on youtube.
    It also fits on all other 560ti models , i could find
  2. It's hard to tell because I would suspect that the card you have has a custom PCB.
  3. However I found this review of the cooler in which they use it on the hawk version of the card which uses the twin frozr.
  4. Thanks for the reply , the heatsing is quite high , so any difference in things like the placement of volt regulators should not even be an issue , im gonna buy it pretty soon , thanks for the input man
  5. Certainly. I'm sorry to hear about your fan. I would of called support since your card is still under warranty. But I can see why you would get another fan because being out of a card for 3-4 weeks+ can be a problem.
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