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Im getting a new PC soon and i was planning on getting 256 megs of DDR ram and later upgrading to 512. is it true that DDR ram must be used in pairs? if i order a PC with 256 ram will i be getting 2 128's? also if DDR ram dos not need to be usid im pairs, is getting 2 256 megs ram the same as one 512 in terms of performance? i figured ram was the the best area to skimp on while buying a PC, because I can double it easly without replacing anything. thanks for reading/help.
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  1. Getting a DIMM stick of 256 MB PC-2100 DDR SDR will be fine. Yes, if later you purchase another 256 DIMM stick it will equal 512 MB. One DIMM will fill a bank, so you will be ok, just don't mix manuf. brands.

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    " just don't mix manuf. brands. "
    does that account for RDRAM too??
  3. This is not a hard core rule, but just a recommendation and I'm sure that goes for RDRAM also. Mixing brands of memory may introduce timing problems and other electrical issues which may affect system performance and reliability.

    Different manufacturer use different circuitry, metals, and quality standards in production of DRAM. So, there are no guarantee's of compatibility when mixing brands of memory come into play, whether it's DDR or RDRAM. As I said, this is only a recommendation.

    This may be a little too technical, but it serves as an example of <A HREF="http://www.msd.anl.gov/highlights/Krauss.html" target="_new">DRAM Production</A> and how/why different manufacturer's don't share their technology and techniques.

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  4. yep i STRONGLY agree with jc14all
  5. Which motherboard are you using this in???

    If it is the NVidia you might have to. If it is not a dual channel memory board you will not have to.

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  6. Umm, that's not true, I just built my friend a comp yesterday and only put one stick of memory in and it used the nvidia chipset. I think only RDRAM is using pairs at this point. Correct me if I'm wrong

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