Switching isp from at&t to comcast (modem question)

I am going to switch from at&t to comcast for my isp. I was told I would need a modem. My question is: I have an Asus G60JX notebook which I believe doesn't have a modem. I was using an old westell & bought a Netgear WNR2000v2 router so I could have a wireless network so I could move around my apt. with my notebook. I needed an "N" router to use with my new big screen. Then I switched to a 2 wire
modem/router which is giving me Many headaches, so I decided I am going to switch to comcast (I have comcast cable, & was told comcast is Much Faster; at&t only gives me 5.0) I was told I would need a modem when I switch. Which modem should I buy & do I still use my Netgear wireless router or do I run the cable directly to the modem & if so, would it still give me my wireless network? Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated...
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  1. Get one that is on the Comcast compatible list HERE. I would recommend the Mororola Surfboard SB6121 HERE, which Amazon has for $81. The surfboard output will go to your Netgear Internet (WAN) port and will be configured as you have it now for your internal network.
  2. Thank You very much!
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