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I have a MSI GTX 680 power edition gpu. Right now core clock is 1202 with stock core voltage. I have memory oc to about 3200. I tried just about everything using msi after burner increasing core voltage and percent the gpu is allowed to use then making memory clock stock speeds... just increasing core but I can not get it above 1230 stable. I can get it at 1230 but crashes every here and there when running demanding games like far cry 3. Do I have a bad card or just with stock bios I can not get a higher oc. Not sure if this helps but using msi afterburner anything 100 plus on core MHz over stock speeds makes it crash. I do not think its the voltage demands because I increased that to max before and still crash once I go over stock clock by 100. Could it be a limit set by msi or nvidia because once I hit the 100 mark? Games run for a minuet, if that, before crashing. Should I try forcing voltage? MOBO: Asus® Maximus V Gene Featuring Lucid Virtu MVP, SupremeFX III Sound, CrossFire and SLI
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  1. You also need to consider the fact that you aren't changing the voltage either. Make sure heat isn't an issue, (i believe 6xx series cards throttle at 70+ degrees Celsius). I do not own Nvidia cards, however i can try to help you with my knowledge that i gained from overclocking with AMD. One of the things I'm noticing, your overclock is not stable (obviously) however what crashes? The display driver? If yes then you must tweak your overclock by either dialing back the speed you are currently playing with, or by giving the card more voltage (NOT recommended if you aren't comfortable with what you are doing. Frying a GPU by giving it too much voltage voids the warranty so be careful, especially with a 680 being its very expensive.) If the display driver is crashing then I highly doubt your card is defective. That just means the current speeds you set are not stable for the card. A factor that you also need to consider is that every once in a while a GPU or CPU batches come out that can't clock as high as others. Really if you have a 680 and you are gaming at 1080p (I'm assuming you are) there really isn't a need to overclock your 680 too hard. I hope a few of these facts i threw at you helped, feel free to respond if you have any other questions :)
  2. I tried increasing voltage but did work but last question if you can help. I have it oc at 1202 core is there a big difference in performance from its stock 1050 clock in terms of fps and overall gaming quality (graphics). And yes I'm on 23 in led 1080p
  3. Yes , if you can get 150 mhz on an aftermarket cooler and stock volts than yes you are fine. Also there is a very big difference between 1050 and 1202! Try gaming in BF3 for a few hours at 1202 and look for any artifacts, or see if the display driver crashes. Also enjoy your new overclocked 680! (If i were you, i would go back to stock volts and hold 1202. The card will last longer that way :D). I hope i helped!
    Cheers :)
  4. lol Not complaining, learning. I plan to water cool but baby steps still new at everything. I appreciate everyone's help on the forms, truly helpful (not sarcastic even though that's how it sounds.) Thanks again
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