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Whenever I open up counter strike, there's this popup that says "Incorrect cable. Please use the Dual-Link DVI cable that came with your monitor." even though I'm using the dual link cable that it came with. I bought another Dual Link DVI-D cable from newegg but I still have the same problem. Anyone know the solution to this? My monitor is set to 1920x1080@120hz. Do I have to do something in the bios or something to activate the dual link cable or did I buy another faulty dvi cable?
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  1. I suppose it's possible your refresh rate in CS is set incorrectly or isn't sure how to recognize the 120hz. Maybe

    I assume it isn't happening elsewhere?
  2. If you have two DVI ports on your gfx card, one of them might be single link. Use the other DVI port.
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