Upgrade for the 9800GTX+


Core i5 3570K @ 4.5GHz
Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 16GB
2 monitors: SyncMaster 2343 @ 2048x1152 + SyncMaster 2233 @ 1920x1080

And last but not least: 9800GTX+ 512MB

It seems like yesterday this card was top-of-the-line. It still does me pretty well, but after seeing that my computer doesn't meet the MINIMUM specs for Crysis 3, I start to wonder if it's time for an upgrade.

I'm short for cash, though. So my ideal card, the 660 Ti, is probably off the table.
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  1. This reminds me of an article I saw a while back that compared a 9800GT to a 660 for folks just like you.
  2. Budget/currency ?

    You might find some cheap 660 ti, or else a 660 gtx.
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