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Looking for a new card

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card from a Radeon 5570 1gb. I have an eyefinity (2/3 monitors) setup, and I want to keep that aspect on the new card. The main reason is that I want a card with more vram, 2-3gb, and Im not sure what good models are with eyefinity setups, so I need some help.

Bottom line; what are some good eyefinity graphics cards( or mulitple monitor setup (doesnt have to be ati) with more than 1gb vram to run a 3200x 900 resolution faster, and possibly a a 4800 x 900 resolution if i am to upgrade later.
Thanks in advance
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    All depends, i'll throw a few scenarios at you. If you plan on gaming with this set up you could throw an HD 7950 or an HD 7970 at your rig.
    HD 7950 very good performance to price ratio (the exact model I'm using actually, i would highly recommend it)
    And here's a 7970(Very high end card, will be able to drive games at your resolution without any worries).

    If you are using this setup for like internet browsing, light - medium gaming (for example games like LoL, maybe BF3 at medium to low settings, Call Of Duty at medium, etc) then this GPU would work for you
    It does have 2 Gigs of GDDR5 (1 Gb less than the 7900 series however)

    If you wanted to go the Nvidia route i could recommend a GTX 670 (comes 2Gig of GGDR5 standard though, however there are some 4 Gig models available.)

    Or a GTX 660TI (starting to push it though)
    Hope i helped!
    Cheers :)
  2. thanks, really needed some options to start somewhere
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