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Screen resolution messed up after Nvidia update


I recently updated my Nvidia graphic card to the latest version. After the installation I encountered two problems:
1- Winsows Aero theme doesn't work anymore (I assumed it's not compatible with the new version of the Nvidia driver)
2- My screen resolution is messed up. I usually have a 1920x1080 resolution, but now it's 2944x1496.
To be more precise, It still appears 1920x1080 on my monitor, but when I print screen, it's actually 1944x1496, meaning that there's a part of the screen I don't see.
I find it odd cause it's as if the screen is extended

This is how I see the screen:

This is how it actually is:

By the way, I can move the mouse over to the 'small desktop'.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. This may sound dumb, but have you tried unplugging and plugging the monitor or power cycling it?
  2. Yes I have. No luck.
  3. Alright, well there goes the overly easy fix. :D

    Jump into your NVIDIA control panel, and go to your displays. Is 1920x1080 selectable? Is the correct information showing up in the control panel for the monitor you have plugged in ie make, model etc...
  4. Already tried that, everything is correct.
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    At least this should get you to back to something that works correctly. I'm assuming that the driver you installed is the NVIDIA driver that just dropped.

    Using a little google-fu, this seems to be a common issue. Didn't quite find a solution though, so a roll-back may be your best option for now.
  6. Thanks anyways wiggbot. This is clearly a driver problem because everything is normal in safe mode.
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