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30-60 Vs 60 Vs 60+ FPS, What is the true?

January 30, 2013 10:52:08 PM

My friend and I were discussing about FPS (frames per second) on games.

I told him, he wouldn't see (really) big diferences among 30-60 FPS since,

Below 30 he will start getting freezes, and really see problems while playing.

Among 30-60 FPS only professional people, audio-visual workers, can REALLY see a diference while playing.

But, I told him. For the human eye, its impossible to feel any diference while playing over 60 FPS.

That's why there is the V-Sync, to limit the game's FPS to the Hz of the monitor's resolution. Turning off V-Sync would only result a waste of processing from the VGA, and no performance difference.


He says when someone plays at 60+ FPS, his character will "run faster", jump "faster" (higher !?), shoot "faster" than anyone in the game.

He says some gamers prefer to play at 350 FPS (for example) just to be "faster" and take advantage over other who plays at 60, which I disagree.

Which of us are right, wrong? Both?

** All these examples are from playing in 1080p at 60Hz. **

Thank you !

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