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23.6" vs 24"

Hello all,

I recently bought a "24 inch" monitor from Tigerdirect

It was advertised in store and online as 24"

I opened the box and found (measuring tape) it was only a 23.6" monitor. The Asus website also said the product was 23.6". Something is not right.

I called the store and the manager tried to tell me that 23.6" and 24" monitors are the same. Is this true?

Has the manager not passed math class, or am I just not informed about monitors? :)

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    Well, the answer is no. A 23.6" monitor is very close to the size of a 24" monitor, but it is not exactly 24". 0.4" inch is missing; almost half and inch, but not quite.

    If you round up to the nearest whole number, then you can say that 23.6" = 24". But there are 23.6" monitors and there are 24" monitors. If you feel cheated, then the only thing you can do is return it for a refund. You can argue "false advertisement". If they give you a hard time say "it is close enough", then demand a refund and ask for just a little more money.

    For example, if the monitor costs you $195, then demand back $200 because "it rounds up to $200 and it is close enough." :)
  2. They're not the same, but I think at best, you're looking at a return for a refund.
  3. monitor labeling can be tricky and is pretty common. entry level 1920x1080p monitors are 21.5", which can be advertised as 21", 22" or 21.5". it really depends on how the store advertises the product.
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  5. Thanks all. I will be returning and asking for $5-10 extra since it is close enough, and math and actual specifications don't matter.
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