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im not very tech savvy with routers,

i just got the Netgear WNDR4500 N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router,I'm happy with it however didn't realise it didn't come with an in-built modem,so I'm using my old netgear router as my modem (its one of the first netgear routers),was wondering if the NAT types and firewalls etc could affect my connection? should i get a stand alone modem? having 2 routers going doesn't really seem the way to go? would really appreciate any feedback,thanks :)
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  1. see if there is a way to change the old router into bridge mode which should make it work as a modem only.
  2. The functionality like NAT or NAS shouldn't interfere with your daily work of internet. I guess, you had an ADSL router in your mind. With that kind of high end router WNDR4500 N900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router, you may have a separate dsl modem. Are you using it for your home or for your business?

    Also see, world's first wireless touch screen router. Its Securifi's Almond.
  3. thanks for the reply's guys,

    the bridge mode looks really complicated,i wish i looked into this whole in-built modem thing before i made my purchase...should i just buy a top-end modem? i spent $220 on a good router,i wasn't expecting to have to use my crappy old one as the modem,i was actually looking forward to throwing it out using it for home,3 mac's,4 iPhones and a PS3,also when i restart my mac,it Automatically connects to the old router and i have to change the wi-fi setting manually back to the netgear41-5G network.this is really annoying me :/...surely the firewalls and NAT's are having some effect on my bandwidth?
  4. if you decide to buy a modem, contact your ISP and make sure the modem will be compatible with their system.

    or you might be able to contact your ISP and have them help you remotely switch the old router into bridge mode so it only functions as a modem
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