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Hey guys!
I check Tom's all the time, but have never actually posted here. Well this time I've got an issue that seems to be pretty unique and I think I need some additional help figuring it out...

I've got a 3 monitor setup, and I'm trying to mirror my 3rd monitor (left) to a fourth monitor in a recording booth. So I would like to keep the 3 monitors at my desktop as one resolution and just mirror what is on my 3rd screen to my fourth. I've tried a y splitter, but CCC keeps adding the resolution of screens 3 & 4 together, making my 3rd screen completely out of resolution at my desktop when compared with screens 1 & 2. I'm running a 6950...

So here's some things I'm thinking...
1. Dump the y splitter and get a powered DVI splitter
2. Add screen number 4 to the GPU and configure via CCC (I don't know if this is possible and didn't want to buy an additional dongle only to find out I have to stretch my desktop completely across 4 monitors)

If I could find a device that splits the signal from 3 to 4, without being detected by my PC, I'm thinking that would work as well, since my computer keeps detecting screen #4 and splitting the resolution between 3 & 4.

Sorry if I've confused anyone, if you need clarification of my issue, just post and I will try to explain myself better.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks everyone!
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  1. Can you have your display on 1 and 2 and clone to 3 using the CCC control panel? If that works, 4 might. If you can't get it with 3, then you need some sort of splitter, but I'm not sure on anything about that. lol.
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