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hello simple Q i was wondering if anybody can tell me what the best graphics card would be to put in a abit kv8 pro mother board i know it is a older model but i dont have the cash to buy a new computer at this time any kind of response would be thankful thanks for the help
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More about video card please
  1. Any of the lower end cards should be fine. 4650, 5570, etc. I don't think there are any dual core CPUs for that board. I think it also has a via chipset so you might want to avoid any of the PCIe 2.1 cards if you believe the rumors.
  2. what would be the best to put in it ? i have a nvidea p73 in it now and it is kinda blinky on my videos
  3. Again, any of those lower end cards. There are rumors on the net about 2.1 cards not working so well in 1.0 slots, more so if you have an "off brand" chipset like from Via, etc. A 220 or 240 from Nvidia should be ok. If this is for gaming avoid the higher end cards as you don't have a dual core to push it. If for general use then a GT220 will be fine.
  4. How about getting the GT 430 or HD 4670 or even a GT 440. Those are all low end cards, that would give you acceptable performance.. for the price.
  5. ok so i looked up some of the ones that you guys have listed but none of them look to have the same connector style the card that i have where it connects to the mother board has 3 sets of pins kinda like this ____ ___ __________ and the ones that i looked up all look like this ___ _____________________ so i dont know exactly what style this seems to be but i sure wich that i did i dont know allot about these things but i know that i cant afford to take it to the shop
  6. NVidia P73 64MB AGP is the Video Card that i have here is the link to one on ebay maybe yall guys can see the connector on it
  7. Oops, I should have known that. Via back that used AGP cards.

    7600GS, 4650 will be the more common performing cards. Honestly at this point I'd just find a cheap one. You really need a whole system upgrade.
  8. thank you very much for the help i have looked the 7600gs up on ebay and it looks to be the same connector but the post said that it doesnt have the driver software to go with it is that something that ill be able to find online here is the link to the one that i have found

    i have a abit kv8 pro motherboard and a amd athlon 64 proccesor and im running windows 7with 2 gb of ram and a 180 gb hdd would this one work for me ???
  9. Yup, looks good.
  10. thank you so much you have helped me to the point of no end im truly thankful
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