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I just got all my parts for my new computer today and proceeded to spend a good amount of time building the pc today. I finally get everything hooked up. I start it up without display to test the fans and led's work before i move it to the room it is staying in. All the fans work fine. I move it to the room and hook up the HDMI cord from my tv to my computer(i dont have any other monitor yet) And it flashes from black to no signal forever. I opened the case and i dont see anything disconnected. I tried connecting it to the motherboards HDMI port and my Graphics cards too. At first it did nothing on the gpu and only the motherboard connection flashed. Now it does it on both. I know its not the tv. The tv works fine on my laptop.

CPU: i7-3770k
MOBO: ASUS Sabertooth z77
RAM: 2 x 8gb sticks of corsair ram
PSU: Corsair 750 watt
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  1. I actually solved this so far. I took my GPU out and ran it with the onboard and it worked. I had a cpu fan error but i took care of it. Just my liquid cooling fans plugged into a chassis port instead of cpu fan. I am gonna download windows now and install the motherboard drivers and then try to put my GPU in and run it.
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