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Ok, here is my problem: I lost the cable that connect the external rack to the sound card itself! And \±#$!" Hercule tech support can't help me: I already e-mailed them and they don't sell replacement cables... What should I do? I tried another cable with a DB44 interface (a cable for a Hoontech Digital 16ch) but I guess the wiring isn't exactly the same: I couldn't obtain any sound from the front-right speaker. So, if someone has any idea I'll be glad to hear (and maybe even try) it.
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  1. All I can think of is buy a new one from your local computer store. Dang, the box was missing the cable, guess you should return it.
  2. 1.Buy a used GTXP
    2.Return it to the store and if they ask, say you never got a cable!
  3. Just a msg to let you know that I got my cable this morning: Hercules Tech Support now ship replacement cables! At last!
  4. Sweet! Congrats and thanks for the info.

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