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Need advice on 7750,7770 or GTX 650 Ti

Hi, Im in need of advice to decided between the AMD 7750, 7770 or GTX 650Ti

My -current PSU is a 420w (not a well known manufacture. I wont be able to upgrade this anytime soon for personal reasons)
-monitor allows for max 1440x900 resolution

Which would be the best GPU of the three to buy when those two factors are taken into account?
Welcome to consider other graphic cards too.

Forgive me for any ignorance, im sorta new to this stuff and thanks alot :)
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  1. The 650ti is the best card and has a really good price/perfwith the cheapest ones at $110
    The 7750 is at about $85 and the 770 at about $90-95

    420w is enough for these cards but what is your cpu and budget and ram?
  2. The cheapest 650ti I saw was for $130 after rebate on tiger direct. I wouldn't pay more than $140 for a 650ti.
  3. lt_dan_zsu said:
    The cheapest 650ti I saw was for $130 after rebate on tiger direct. I wouldn't pay more than $140 for a 650ti.

    There's one at Newegg for $110 right now. I wouldn't pay more than $120-130 for it, the 7770 is not much worse and the 7850 is way better.
  4. Rebates aren't very reliable based on what I have read. But I agree with what sakkura said, for the most part.
  5. Oh I should have mentioned im in NZ, so dont have access to newegg. Price really isnt the issue here though.
    Im worried my PSU wont be able to handle the 7770 and 650Ti since its rather cheap.
    Is any of those cards low demanding in terms of the PSU?
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    Well the 7750 is the least power-hungry card, it doesn't even take a 6-pin power connector. You pay for that in performance though.
  7. None of those cards are power hungry. 7750 doesn't even use a 6 pin. 7770 I believe doesn't go above 88w. The 650ti seems to only use about 120w.
  8. Oh okay, whats the recommendations on their websites for? AMD listed 500w and GTX listed 400w... abit confused with those. Can someone clarify what they show?
  9. That's for total system. And that is for people who have a very inefficient system. If you are building it now, a 7770 would be fine with 400w.
  10. My current system is:

    Intel i5 3470
    Gigabyte ga-b75m-d2v
    8gb ram G.skill ripjaw
    seagate 500gb HDD
    420wISO PSU

    Would this system be able to use a 7770?
  11. yeah
  12. Whats usually the consequence of not having enough wattage btw?
  13. your system won't work or your psu will die really fast.
  14. For the 7770, the cheapest priced ones in my area happens to be the OC version, does that mean itll require additional cooler or am i able to run it at its normal state without OC?

    Also what manufacture do you recommend for this GPU?

    Sorry for all the questions ><",
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