BSODs and TDRs - nVIDIA 570 issues


I've been using this computer since December of 2011, and till March it was perfect. But a few days ago, suddenly the display driver started corking out, giving me TDRs, and black screens at desktop. BSODs if I tried to play a game. I rolled back to a previous driver and the crashing at desktop got fixed but I still couldn't play any game. I turned my PC off for the night and the next day when I turned it on, the problem seemed to have fixed itself.

i7 2600
GTX 570
4 GB Ram
Win7 ultimate 32 bit
Coolermaster extreme 600W

However, yesterday night, I suddenly got a BSOD while watching a movie, which then wouldn't let me boot for a while giving me the error 'No bootable devices found". However a few minutes later, I was able to boot, but there was no dump file for the BSOD.

When I turned my PC on this morning, the TDR blackscreen problem resurfaced. I upgraded to the newest WHQL driver 295.73, and the crashing at desktop stopped again. However I get a BSOD if I try to play any game. Please help.

I ran the BSOD viewer, and it highlighted : nvlddmkm.sys, dxgkrnl.sys, dxgmms1.sys, ntoskrnl.sys, watchdog.sys. I've tried cleaninstalling drivers with driver sweepers, upgraded my motherboard drivers, etc. Please help.
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  1. ntoskrnl.sys I'm right there with you... same BSOD same video card did you downgrade? I'm attempting to find older NVIDIA drivers now
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