Upgrading from GTX 550ti to GTX 660

Currently i have MSI GTX 550ti cyclone II OC 01gb card. I am thinking to upgrade to ASUS GTX660 direct CU II 02GB ( I wanted to know whether is it a nice upgrade for me or not.
My specs are:
Core I5 2400 3.1Ghz,
08GB 1333 Mhz Ram,
Cooler master extreme 460 WATT PSU.

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  1. Yes, it is a good upgrade.
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    I have the 660ti and I'm looking to upgrade because I'm looking to do nVidia surround, but this card is the best I've owned to date. With an i7-3770k I manage to maintain the highest settings at 1080p on all games and achieve 60fps with the exceptions of:

    3d Gaming
    Heavily modded Crysis (particles, textures, objects and foliage)
    Crysis 2
    Metro 2033
    Heavily modded Skyrim (lighting, textures, objects, foliage, shadows, water)

    These games still get between 40 and 60 FPS, and only drop in spots hard to process. Borderlands 2, 1080p, with max settings including Physx rarely drops below 70 fps!!! Great card, great upgrade.
  3. Best upgrade would be GTX670OC. btw i have GTX660Ti also great card. But 670 is best bang for the buck now. If you like Nvidia.
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