Club3d hd7970 royal ace

I am using a sapphire hd6950 dirt editon and wanted to upgrade.... the 2 options i had avilable are
a EVGA GTX680 and a Club 3d hd7970 royal ace
judging from the benchmarks the royal ace owns GTX680 in pretty much everything... I am also a radeon guy and have always prefered radeons over geforce... as most of the nvidia cards i got ended up dead after a year of usage (my sapphire hd3850 ) is still working for past 4 years despite regular usage...
So what i wanted to ask u fellas was if club3d is a good buy?

my system is
Asrock Z77 fatality pro mobo
16gb Vengeance
i5 2500k Oced to 4.4ghz
Xigmatek Prime CPU cooler
Xigmatek 700W modular psu
Cooler master haf 922 black edition with 5 Led fans
a samsung syncmaster SA300 24inc led

am currently using a sapphire hd6950
(sapphire cards r very high priced and hard to find here in pakistan)
so should i go for the club3d royal ace? its coming with 2 years of replace warrenty so thats a + along with the bundled games
the only usage of my rig is watching Blue ray movies and playing video games at the highest possible settings
i am also a modder and mod my games with high res textures and ENB series shaders etc etc

so would like to know if i should upgrade to club 3d or nvidia (i dislike nvidia :P )
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  1. Well I would get the more powerful card since that's what fits your needs
  2. yes but is club3d reliable? as i never heard much about them :S
  3. basically they are all almost the same, just with different fans and brand name
  4. Club 3d just bought a 7870 and OMG you will not regret it trust me best choice they are very unknown in the uk but they will be very soon trust me
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