HEllo folks,

I am a simple man. I have a P3 800 along with a 40G WD hard drive in my PC. I am planning to get another HD to add to it (WD 80G). I mainly play games, and read web pages - email. Recently my Abit Be6II Ver 2 (with RAID crapped out on me. They don't make this board anymore. They do however offer the SH6 (w/o RAID). To use this board would allow me to keep my CPU (SLOT1) and memory (SDRAM).

Anyway, does anyone think that RAID is a good thing for my use?

Thanks for your advice.
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  1. I forget on the striping setups if you have to have both drives the same size, lest you force the bigger hard drive to become the same size as the smaller, or whether you can create a 40 gig partition on the 80 gig drive and make it the second drive in the array with the extended partion becoming the second logical drive. Does that make sense?
    Your 40 gig and half of the 80 gig would become the "C" drive and the remaining 40 gigs on the 80 would become the "D" drive. I can't remember if the raid cards will respect your partitions or not. I also don't know if gaming benefits from Raid 0 or not.
    Although I noticed a slight performance increase in my dallyance with IDE Raid, it really wasn't worth the effort or cost for the majority of the stuff that I did. It also added another moving part item to the whole thing to go wrong.

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  2. RAID is good! However you need matched sets of drives, so it may not be worth getting the RAID board with your drives.

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  3. I'm pretty sure you lose the extra left over space from the bigger drive.

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