SOLVED: Graphics card(s) for 6 monitors at 2560x1440

Hi! I need to drive 6 monitors via DVI Dual-Link at 2560x1440 each (yup, these Korean 27" Crossover 27Q LED-P). It is NOT for gaming.

I only have 2 free PCI-E slots free on my motherboard. So I can use one card that can output to 6 monitors at 2560x1440 (if such a beast exists) OR 2 cards driving 3 monitors each. Normally I would prefer ASUS and Nvidia but at this point I'm open to ANY suggestion.

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  1. 2 nvidia gtx 650 ti's should work, although I need confirmation on this. It would most likely need some adapters.
  2. Well that's the cheapest solution. Of course if you spent like 800$ on graphics cards it would work for sure
  3. I think the best way to go with such a setup is to go with a AMD graphic card that support eyefinity 6 (meaning supporting 6 screens). Readthis thread,3264-9.html
    You will need as mnimum the HD 7870 card but I would recommend the 7970 to be sure you can run all screens in that resolution. You may even need a to have to do a two-cards setup but since it's not for gaming or that sort of stuff I'm not sure. I would google around for earching a bit more about the eyefinity 6 option.
  4. Thanks. Since DisplayPort to DVI Dual-link adapters are active (need USB power) they tend to be expensive (US$60-100) times 6 in this case. Are there cards with 3 DVI Dual-Link 2560x1440 outputs? I would simply use two of them and be done. Am I dreaming?
  5. Or maybe cards with 2 DVI Dual-Link 2560x1440 + One DisplayPort. I would then buy only two DP to DVI-Dual-Link adapters. Makes sense?
  6. The answer to my own question: any double dual-link DVI card PLUS one Nvidia FX 4500 X2 card. The X2 is actually two dual out dual-link DVI cards on one PCIe slot (i.e. 4 outputs at 2560x1600 max each. simultaneously). So I'm typing this in front of my 6 (hex) 27" monitors system each running at 2560x1440 (2 rows of 3 monitors) for a combined desktop of 7680x2880 or more than 21 Mpixels.
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