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Alright, so I ordering a new card tonight for my computer. I am upgrading from a XFX 6870 to a 7970. It was my intention to go with the Gigabyte brand but I was given some information by a friend that told me I would likely get more out of an XFX. My concern with this is that I am currently use an XFX card and I have all manner of issues. They are not BIG issues, but they get very irritating very quickly. For starters, I play on an Eyefinity setup, I realize that a single 6870 with only 1gb is not the best for that, but I have been able to make due. Regardless, the driver issues I have had with the card are glaring. For one, every time I boot up the computer, I get an issue where after about 3-5 minutes my right monitor will start flickering on and off, going black before coming back with the image. Then it will distort and go off completely, leaving me with a "No Signal" message before the monitor goes to sleep. This only happens on the monitor using the Active Adapter for the Mini-displayport. I know it is NOT the adapter because I have replaced that several times with the same effect. I can fix the no signal issue by forcing the drivers to crash out, then I don't get the issue again until the computer falls asleep. Secondly, I have an issue with my other two monitors plugged into the regular DVI slots where whenever there is side to side movement of anything on the screen, there seems to be a line that forms, where the bottom part of the monitor can't keep up with the top. It settles the moment he movement stops, and the offset is only a few centimeters, so again, not a major issue.

So, in conclusion, I am wondering which card manufacturer I should go with. I have had trouble with the XFX, but not to the point where I am concerned about getting another one. Is it the better choice out of the three, or should I stick with my original thoughts and get the Gigabyte 7970 Windforce? I put in Sapphire as one of the choices as well because everyone seemed to be up in arms on other threads I looked at tonight about it being a good choice.
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  1. Hi! All of your choices are being assembled (or made) by only one manufacturer in China. So I guess the reliability is pretty much the same across all brands. Now the choice would be the design. Do you have a particular model in mind, scross all three brands, so we can make a better comparison, price, function, bang for the buck...
  2. Anyone with some opinions or food for thought? I am looking to order one in the next hour or so, that way I can get it before the weekend.
  3. I've read good things on here about the Sapphire. I also read some bad stuff about the XFX card. People are being sent the wrong card when they order it. I having read anything about the Gigabyte one though sorry.
  4. Hello, I think you should get the Sapphire brand. The $30addition, does not justify the 5% increase of fps on XFX brand. Besides the good after sales service, Sapphire has this club where you can register your card, and get some freebies and offers for free from their site. All of my 5 video cards are from Sapphire and I am satisfied with the performance, including the eyefinity function.
  5. BTW, I was trying to look for a review on both cards (head to head or with other brands) but apparently, there's none.

    p.s. please do not forget to mark the best answer if your are satisfied with the result...
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