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hello I have just been offered a free HD 6770 gigabyte graphics card, please could you tell me what games I could run on this
I have i5 ivy bridge processor and 8 gb of ram. Cheers
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  1. Whats your max resolution?
  2. ASHISH65 said:
    Whats your max resolution?

    1080 (32" tv)
  3. Well at 1080p games will run at medium settings.Try to run games at 1650 x 900 resolution with vsync to off,AA to off then you can run games at med- high settings.
  4. Try to tweak graphic settings in games to get more fps.
  5. Will it handle moat games then but at a lower quality?
  6. What is moat game?
  7. With your cpu(tell us the exact model) you would enjoy games much more if you can get close to the $200 gpu range - HD7850 or GTX660 assuming your psu is up to the task. As you can tell, getting good advice is hard unless you give all your system specs.
  8. i5 3470
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