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i am trying to play a game but before it loads it says it needs shader model 3 and to update the drivers. The ap top i am using is quite new please help.
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  1. Post your pc specs
  2. how do i find them out? i not very computer literate. sorry
  3. Probably you don't have shader model 3 so you cannot play the game. You can get a graphics card with shader model 3 to play the game. Cheapest graphics card I know
    GTX610 or ATI HD5450 for less than $40. The card I recommend HD7750 $80-$110.
  4. Intel® Pentium Dual Core Processor T3400 (2.16GHz)
    667MHz FSB with 1MB Cache
    Intel® GMA X4500M
    Shared Memory (Integrated Graphics)
  5. Better buy a graphics card? 7750 for $100 would be nice for you.
  6. This appears to be a laptop that uses an Intel integrated video adapter. It is very likely that it can't be upgraded.

    What make/model of laptop is this?
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