Far cry 3 gtx 680 twin frozr

pls help me im running far cry 3 on 12fps on ultra settings with or without antialiasing...
the gforce experience even recommend ultra settings but man the game is running 30fps without npc or animals but drops to 12 fps when there's npc on the screen :(

heres my spec

i7 870 1156
ax850 psu
gtx 680 twin frozr 3 oc edition

pls help
any help would be heaven sent for me
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  1. do you have the current drivers for your 680?
  2. Update drivers, check for temp spikes. Reinstall far cry 3
  3. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that even if i change the settings to low, fps still the same so im gonna do everything when i get home and ill let you know about the results... I thought im having a bottleneck with my cpu and gpu :) iwas thinking of upgrading tomorrow hahahah
  4. CPU bottle necking the gpu is impossible in your case.
  5. +1 to xttony
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