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Hello, everyone I need a little help on some pc upgrades. I'm going to list what I'm currently using. I could use some pointer in the area that needs the most upgrading. Cool master HAF 935 full tower, Asus M4a78e motherboard, CPU Phenom 2 x4 black edition, PCU 750 w, cooling 3320 mm and 2 120mm and last 2 Radeon xfx 4890 VGA but I didn't like crossfie so I'm only using 1 card. I would like to be able to to play WOW and others game with with better then 25 FPS and lag. I'm lloking to spend about $400
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  1. Grab a better graphic card like GTX 670. Your CPU may hold 670 but if you OC your CPU it'll running great. Or get 7950 and save the rest of the budget to get Intel Haswell later
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