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I have just finished building my first pc. When I do first boot, there is no display, but it worked when I tested just the mobo/video card(7870)/ram outside the case and it was connected with vga cable to my mobo. I also have display when I took out the video card. Is this because I need to connect my video card to the monitor? The reason I havent is because it needs dvi/hdmi and i only have vga cable atm.
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  1. When you put a discrete graphics card in, it automatically disables the built-in video on the motherboard. So you then HAVE to connect your monitor to the video card in order to get video.
  2. Yes the monitor has to be plugged into the video card to use it, except with certain types of virtumvp but that's another issue. Your card should have come with a dvi cable. Mine did.
  3. That is all I needed to know, thx guys! I bought an HDMI on ebay yesterday so it should come tomorrow, i guess I can just install the software today.

    I am only curious as to why the display worked when I tested the mobo/video/ram outside the case with the vga cable connected to mobo?
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