Shall i get crossfire 7850 or a 7970

I looked at this chart,2968.html

and the crossfire HIS Radeon HD 7850 IceQ X - 2 GB GDDR5 is right at the top and will come to just over price of a 7970.. which do you guys think i should get? Is crossfire really worth it
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  1. 7970. always go with one card when you can.
  2. Yep go with a single card because you won't always get the performance increase because some games just don't work well with crossfire
  3. single card.
  4. always a single 7970 card is better than two 7950. two GPU system produce more heat, noise than a single GPU system. if you have the money then always choose the one HD7970. :)
  5. Always get the highest performance single graphics card you can afford, then months/years later if you wish to, SLi or Crossfire. For now, as everyone is advising, go 7970.

    Back in mid 2011 when I built my PC, I got a 6870 and a year later (mid 2012), I added a second one.
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