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Tl;DR i bought an msi hd 7850 for aa asus 6830, the computer wouldn't load the video drivers until windows booted so best buy sent it to a service center, I ended up exchanging that computer for a dell xps 8500 which I got on sunday. Wednesday I received my video card as it had been sent with my first computer. When I plugged it in and turn it on the fans go to max but then stay there. I have tried using afterburner and speedfan and both of them show the fan speeds at about 25-30% but the rpm is 5000-5100. Changing the fan speed percent doesn't seem to change anything, it just thinks it's changing. I tried setting the fans to 0 and it did nothing. I booted the computer into bios but I didn't see anything for the fan speeds. It didn't do this on the first computer, any ideas?
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  1. you can control gpu fan settings in windows. download msi afterburner and in there you can set the fan speed manually or even create custom graph meaning at what temps how fast you want the fan to spin
  2. I tried using afterburner and setting a custom fan speed but no dice. It will say the fan is at 25% while still turning at 5000rpm. The temp is only 35c so it's not even close to overheating.
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