EVGA GEFORCE GT 640 ERROR CODE 43!! Help! pliz =(

Hi, new to community with a problem.

I just recently purchase a EVGA GEFORCE GT 640
wanting to replace my old video card. I uninstalled my old driver, restart.
replaced the video card for the gt 640. Then i tried to install from my evga cd.
I was on the first section of the installation, system check, it told me "This graphics
driver could not find compatible graphics hardware"... My mind was blanked. After i tried that
I Downloaded version 313. System check was normal and as i finish installing. I rebooted the pc.
During the start up, my monitor showed a screen of bar code looking lines of black and blue
for about 30 sec. After that my monitor went black for about another 30 sec.
then windows started with bad res and quality. I checked the device manager
under display adapter. it has a computer with a little yellow triangle next to it.
Went to properties and it told me "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"....

I also googled the problem but no one help, now I'm turning to the good community of tomshardware.

I have also tried other versions of the driver and they all were the same.
please help me... very frustrating!!!! =(

OS:Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Motherboard: gigabyte ep45c-ud3r version f5
Processor:Intel cord 2 quad @9400
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  1. First of all make sure, the card is really seated right and the extra power cords are connected.
  2. its seated in right. and it doesn't have an extra power cord outlet.
  3. Are you solved this bug from nvidia? And is it brand new card?
  4. Finally, I checked in with an old driver version 258.96 (with old installation wizard) and does not display CODE 43 in Device Manager with low-res desktop. But now its does artifacting on desktop! I try with the thermal compound (the recommendation to take the heatsink of the card, remove any remains of old thermal paste and clean the GPU and heatsink contacts properly and apply a fresh layer of thermal paste). I conclude from this that the new versions of drivers are with the built-in diagnostics for health of card and any type of error happens it reports CODE 43 to stop the operation of the device. I think this is generally in response to all of the same problem-HARDWARE MALFUNCTION:sarcastic:
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