Active/Passive Cooling Necessary???

I am going to purchase a stick of 256mb Kingmax pc2700 ddr to go in my Soltek DRV5 board and thought about also purchasing either Thermaltakes active or passive cooling system(leaning toward active..only $11.00). How hot does this memory run and is the cooling really necessary. I am not an overclocker(atleast for now!!) so would I even need this or would it atleast extent the life of the memory?? Thanks.
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  1. No, you don't need it. It might extend the life of the memory from 5 years to 5 1/2 years.

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  2. Thanks...any other opinions here?? I purchased the active cooling ThermalTake unit (it was only 11.00) figuring if nothing else atleast it wouldn't harm anything. Should I even bother putting it on? Anyone have horror stories to share?? Just curious.
  3. dont need It running spec!!!! but if You going to overclock you need it! for exaple there arereviews stating the passave cooler only make a 1 C. Diffrerence but the active would probubly be about 2 C cooler .. could make the ram more stable at higher clock rates... But if you have a modded case .. they look cool ..

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