660 OC vs HD 7850

Just wondering an honest opinion on it.

Never believe the reviews on the internet these days.

So yeah, please tell.
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  1. Hello... some games are better/tuned with one brand vs the other...
    PASSmarks 660 non-TI=4036 7850=3610
  2. You'll find that a lot of people are biased one way or another. Compare price, features, and benchmarks to get something that is somewhat on the same scale.
  3. Hi,

    I just bought a xfx HD 7850 and I had all sort of problems with it.

    I ran 3d mark and went from 2279 pts to 6698 witch was great !!!

    But as soon as I got into games: green or gray screen with sound loop and hat to hard reset the computer

    I tried to play planetside 2, payday, the godfather (old game ) all did the same thing.

    Tried different resolution / setting : same thing.

    I then tried different drivers (new one, the one on disk and beta)

    On the beta one the dvi port on my screen broke (screen still work on vga but not dvi)

    I might of been out of luck, but I am sticking to nvidia from now on.

    I always run into trouble with ati/amd graphic cards.

    My 2 cents
  4. GTX 660 is simply faster at stock speeds.

    Radeon 7850 can be overclocked more, due to the unlocked voltage that comes with every AMD GPU.

    Nvidia doesn't want their customers to tweak with the voltages. So most GPUs by Nvidia doesn't allow tweaking with voltages, there is some exceptions like the power edition by MSI.

    So if you're an enthusiast that know how to get the most out of your GPU without damaging it, then the Radeon 7850 would be the best deal. If you're like most people that leaves their GPU at stock speed or just overclock a little, then the GTX 660 would be the better option.

    And I guess your no enthusiast since you're asking this question, so the GTX 660 would be the better option. :)
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