Not sure about MSI Nvidia GTX460 OC2 1GB DDR5


I am looking into buying a new video card, i found MSI Nvidia GTX460 OC2 1GB DDR5 ( ) for a really nice price. But i am not sure after reading feedback on

Anyone got any experience with it? I would like to buy it but i do not want it to die on me :(

I am also looking at PowerColor Radeon 7770 GHz Edition 1GB DDR5 but GTX460 seems to have better performance
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  1. Hello... a standard GTX460 1GB should have 256 bit DDR5 memory... it is an odd ball configuration... and I recommend looking for that model spec, for purchase, performance, and reliability. I own two... love them.
  2. if i'm not mistaken that card is based on gf114. the original gtx460 using gf104. on nvidia site they called it as gtx460 version 2. my take is those chip are not qualified to make into gtx560 line up so they put this 'reject' chip as gtx460 v2
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