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Blank Display on separate GPUs

January 31, 2013 5:45:37 PM

Hello everyone, first time poster here

I have recently bought myself a new GPU, a second hand GTX 470, as an upgrade from a 9600 GT. I upgraded it okay, got it working and tested it with a high-end game, etc. The result was that for some reason everything was suddenly hot enough to cook a light meal, so not wanting to melt my CPU i decided to change back at least temporarily.

Lacking the foresight to uninstall the 470's drivers, I put my 9600 back in and have no display. I can hear windows starting up eventually, the computer going about its' business, but no screen whatsoever. Realising what I did I went back to the 470 to uninstall the old drivers and install the 9600 GT drivers - Turns out the latest driver for the 470 was the exact same driver for the 9600.

I reinstalled anyway on the chance it -may- be a different file or something, anything. Couldn't hurt I thought. Went back to 9600, same thing. Only this time, upon going back to the 470 to get a screen up, the 470 is now doing the same thing. No display, not even the bootmenus or anything, but windows/skype startup sounds and whatnot.

I'll be honest, I do not know much about computers. I know what parts are, how to put parts in, reapplying thermal paste and things like that - But beyond that, nothing.

Any help would be appreciated - I don't even know how I can fix this, it seems pretty hopeless to me.

Thanks for reading.