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I currently have 3x27 inch monitors hooked up for eye infinity via 2 Hdmi and 1 Mdp. everything works great usually but
i need to turn the monitors on before the desktop or else one of the monitors will not turn on.
any suggestions would be great
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  1. I've had similar peculiar issues with a triple monitor eyefinity setup. Typically I leave all three on but will occasionally need to cycle on and off the monitor connected via DP.

    Why do you turn your monitors off?
  2. ^ LOL @ anon - best answer evar.

    Alien, do you mean off and on to clear them from sleep state? Or do you turn them off completely?
  3. If I were to turn the Desktop on first and then turn my monitors on. Two of the 3 would work and the third would go into sleep state. I am unable at this point to turn the unworking monitor on or off unless I unplug from the wall and disconnect the MDP cable.
  4. Still having problems
  5. Sounds like the mdp one has to be on for the gpu to detect it.

    But it goes back to my earlier question - why turn anything off once its working? Put the pc to sleep and the monitors will follow. Since its sleep it should remember it has all three connected. Or have you tried that?
  6. So i just came back home from vacation and left the computer on.
    The third monitor will shut off after a short period of time.
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