Help with GTX 670 and other strange things..

Greeting Everyone,

Thanks for reading this thread! I am currently experiencing some unique problems :( . It's kinda long, so Thank You very much for reading my question, and for your valuable expert feedback.

My system:
GiGabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3
8GB DDR3-1600
PNY GTX670 (using it for a month)
NZXT Phanton Case, CPU Fan is cooler master Hyper 212 Plus
PSU: 700W

A week ago I installed windows 8 and everything was running fine. After two days I been getting some problems with Battlefield3. At first it was "DirectX problem", and then "BF3 stopped working". They were fixed by deleting the BF3 folder in my document and running it in comparability mode. Then last night I started to experience very slow initialing and periodically lag (about every 30 secs). So I tired to remove/reinstall the Nvidia driver (did many times before), using a older version driver, it did not stop the lag. I felt it is coming from the GPU, so I opened up my case to check on it. It was very hot.

So I downloaded CPUID hardware Monitor, It showed my GTX 670 is at 74 C at idle (with only chrome open). So I tested again running the very laggy BF3, the temperature is still around 75ish, never exceeded 80.

It's strange. So I thought maybe there is a problem with the CPUID and Win8. But it is a fact that my GTX 670 is still very hot at idle since I actually touched it, So I switched back to my old ATI 5770. The lag is gone for BF3. CPUID shows its at 46 C when idle, and reached 84 C when I run BF3 at High on 1920*1200.

So at this moment I think maybe the problem is my PNY GTX 670, either hardware or software.

But something else strange happened again. After researching online, I think my CPU 2600K is running hot on idle, around 50C for each 4 core with Fan at 1500 RPM. So I tested it by using IntelBurn Test on "very high" setting, the highest temperature reached by one of the core is 59 C at 1603 RPM. The really STRANGE thing happened after I control-alt-delete to bring out Task Manager at idle, the temperature suddenly dropped to 33 C with Fan speed of 989 RPM. After I exited out of Task Manager, the temperature went back to 50ish with fan speed near 1500 RPM.

At this moment, I am not certain what problem I am encountering. For a fact, I know my GTX 670 is running very hot (I touched it), and its causing me lags in BF3 (the lag is gone after switching to 5770 running on the same setting). But I cannot explained what happened with CPUID, 1. GTX 670 idle and underload @ the same temperature 75ish (maybe a GPU memory problem). 2. 2600K idle and underload using intelburn test @ the same temperature 50ish with fan speed around 1500 RPM; But when I use Task Manager, it quickly dropped to 30ish with 980RPM.

My card and pretty clean (owned less than a month), as well as the stuff inside my PC (cleaned a week ago). I don't want to just exchange GTX 670 if the card is working correctly. Please Help!

Thanks again!
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  1. Also I just downloaded Core Temp, It shows the same temperature as CPUID with all four core load at 100%.. When I bring out Task Manager, the temperature drop to 30 ish with load less than 10%... Maybe it's a windows 8 Problem?
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