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hi i have these cables that came with my 5850, they are 1x 4 pin molex to 6 pin adapters. currently my psu has no 6 pin cables so i cant use my graphics card yet. i was just wondering if these cables are safe to use and if i could use both of them so i can use my graphics card without buying a new psu. thanks
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  1. Yes they are safe.
  2. is it safe to use 2 of them?
  3. I would think so
  4. i was told it was only safe to use 2 4pin molex to 1 6pin
  5. You should be fine - even if it can't power the card, meaning you need converters, it isn't going to HURT anything; delivering not-enough voltage just means the card won't run.
  6. What are you specs (PSU, GPU, etc.)? Normally you should be fine, but with the previous info we could help you better.
  7. astin001 said:
    is it safe to use 2 of them?

    what PSU do you have?

    how much amperage on the 12 volt rail?

    if it does not have ONE PCI power connection i do doubt the is enough 12 volt amperage to support an addition 150 watts off of it . . and it can blow the PSU taking the whole rig down with it. . .
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