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Hey, I like to play alice madness returns, and when i play it, ican play with settings in high, and phsyx in medium. Comparing physx low with medium, there is no actual difference that i feel while playing, everything is eequal "except for the phsyx of course). The physx run pretty well. But when i play with phsyx in medium, a few minutes after i play the game, the game goes black (the screen gets black), and i have to get out of the game. I don't know why this happens, i'm not very shure.

My graphic card is NVidia GeForce 610M, i know it has no phsyx support and it's a little weak, but the phsyx run pretty well in GPU.
I have 8 GB memory RAM
Cpu is Intel Dual Core B940 i think this is the problem, i consider my CPU pretty weak, i'm not shure. Does the problem has something to do with the CPU?
Anyway, i am going to buy a better CPU for my pc, but i would still like to know what the problem is.
Does it has something to be with the driver? Cause i have the last one.
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  1. try play without physx at all.
  2. You said it yourself, the 610M doesn't support PhysX. So as soon as you do something in the games that requires this technology (like hitting these black glossy with white face enemies), the game will crash.

    Your CPU is as weak as the video card, so changing only one of them won't increase performance in any noticeable way. If you have a Notebook, you will have a hvery ard time changing the CPU. (I don't think it's possible, even for an expert). And only a video card upgrade will not change anything because the microprocessor can't handle it.
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