(n00b) can my phone access my desktop via my router/modem with wifi?

i've got a Livebox router/modem that provides an ethernet connection for our desktop and wifi connections for our smartphones (all-in-one kind of thing) in a SOHO environment. what i'd like to do is access one from the other, that is move files between a smartphone and the desktop without additional wiring or hardware .. perhaps via ftp or somesuch? is this possible?

i've got a pretty good feeling this isn't rocket science but i don't even know what to ask for here, not savvy to the lingo as it were.

any assistance would be much appreciated. thank you.

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  1. okay, answering my own question here. the standard approach seems to be Samsung's Kies Air which comes loaded on the SGS2. that seems to work fine -- and dead simple -- under Windows (XP SP2 if anyone is asking).

    unfortunately the Kies thing seems to be a non-starter under Linux variants and i'm on Ubuntu these days. enter Air Droid: also dead easy, free in the 'droid Marketplace, no probs on Ubuntu, much better interface than Kies, basically everything i wanted and more. it's a no-brainer solution to a problem i barely understood.

    not sure why no one had anything to say on the subject but hey, whatever, job done. bye!
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