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How to test your GPU ?

When people run GPU-Z and CPU-Z what are they looking for to see if they are taking full advantage of your GPU ?

Also would a FX 6200 bottleneck a 1GB HD 7850 ? I dont seem to be getting the fps I would like. Maybe I am expecting too much from this card?
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  1. CPUz and gpuz give info about your system and not performance of your hardware. Use traps to monitor your framerate. Then match the frame rates from any benchmarks.
    Also no your CPU will not bottleneck you graphics card
  2. You also need to be attentive to resolution and settings on these benchmark, as well as Nvidia and AMD performing better with certain settings and profiles. Name a game, settings, performace, what version drivers and cap profiles, and if nothing else you'll they're alot to it.
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    You can monitor CPU, GPU, RAM - Everything in your rig. So you can decide if there is a bottleneck.

    Just follow this tutorial:
  4. Thanks for the replies
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