help pick a DVD/CD both RW...

I want to get a DVDRW combo CDRW drive. pretend money isn't an option and tell me what's the best- then pretend I don't have more than $400 and tell me what's out there...
or any other options- is there a cheaper model that can only write to DVDs?
also, what is DVD-RAM vs DVD-ROM vs DVD-RW ?
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  1. The Pioneer A03 DVR is both a CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW.
    It's not in a almost Class law suit like the compatitor and not made by HP.
    I have it and it's very good.

    Price is under 400$

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  2. go to newegg, they have a panasonic for $300 I believe.

    my 2 rubles.
  3. The Panasoninc is not RW.
    It uses DVD-Ram and it's a very diferant thing as it dose not play on normal DVD players.

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  4. Glad you noticed,

    could you please explain the difference between



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  5. DVD-RAM is a propirty format for Panasonic.
    You can burn video on it but you can only read the media in DVD-RAM drives.
    On the good side it's good for data archiving with 9G space per DVD-Ram in the new models.
    Thze new LF-E311 can also burn DVD-R for video.

    DVD-RW is a format made by Pioneer. It's like CD-RW in that you can burn and erase. it's also compatible with lot's of normal DVD Players.

    DVD+RW is the same as DVD-RW but made by Richo
    Main supporters for this format are HP and Philips.
    The burning media is not the same as DVD-RW and more expencive. Like DVD-RW you can burn video DVD's that will work on lot's of normal players.

    DVD-R is Pionner format for one time write DVD.
    Compatebility with normal players is reported to be Better then DVD-RW and DVD+RW.
    Media price is very low.

    DVD+R was supposed to be the Richo/Phillips/HP answer to the DVD-R. Current models were supposed to support it with a firmware update but aperantly will not. This will probably create a Class law suit.
    I have yet to see a burner that can burn to such media or media to buy. new models from Phillips and HP are roumored to be launched at Cbit. (starting today)

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  6. I found a DVD+RW drive reviewed here:
    Which shows that the Philips drive is a much better performing drive. One thing to watch though with the DVD RW drives is that they are not as compatible with standard DVD players as they may claim.
  7. The DVD+RW are even Less.
    And this is from official sources at very known companies.

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  8. The tests that were run weren't completely scientific, but the initial trials show that both RW formats are only compatible with about 35% of existing DVD Players and 80% of DVD Drives. Taking everything with a grain of salt, I'd still pass on either type of drive for now.
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