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Hi I just finished building my first computer and every thing seems to be working but I cant see the POST screen at all. I've taken it all apart and made sure everything was right and it is. My motherboard does not have a display out so I am using the graphics cards HDMI to my tv.

My build has
Cpu: AMD 8 core fx-8120
Gpu: gigabyte amd radeon hd 7850
Motherboard: asrock 970 extreme3 970 am3+

Please help!
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  1. Hello... can you try the DVI connectors to a standard computer monitor or TV first? Sometimes a driver must be installed, in Windows, to activate/enable the HDMI port on the VIdeo Card.
  2. That sounds like a good idea. I wont be able to try that till tomorrow I'll have to go get a monitor that has one my old one has a different port I think vga...
  3. Well I couldn't find a dvi to vga adapter anywhere I live buy.... Till I get one is there any other kind of trouble shooting I can check on?
  4. Hello... get an DVI to HDMI adaptor... Video card/DVI to TV/HDMI... HDMI has the same digital/video signals but adds audio channels to it... thats how I run my TV, with the audio out of my motherboard to a seperate AUDIO reciever.
  5. Okay I tried that today and its still not showing up.
  6. Hello... Do you have Power hooked up to your Video card? Do you see all fans start to spin, CPU/GPU/CASE, when you hit the case power button?
    Looking at your first Post, no ram is Listed, Do you have RAM sticks installed?
    Do you have a power supply hooked up to your motherboard and CPU connector on the motherboard?
    Do you have your CPU/FAN connected to your CPU/FAN connector on the motherboard?
    What is your previous experience with computer repair/upgrading/building?
  7. I have no previous experience with computer building this was my first one . I do have one stick of G.skill ddr3 8gb of ram installed. All of the fans including cpu/gpu/case fans work as well as the optical drive and front power lights. I have triple check all power cords.
  8. Hello... Can you borrow/use another Video card? Can you use/borrow a standard computer monitor?

    What are your TV/brand/Model specs? Have you ever Hooked a computer to your TV before this? Have you got the TV on the right HDMI input and settings for that input?

    This sounds similar...

    If the Above ideas don't help you... re-post with your Motherboard and CPU info, also search the forum for people that had similar problems solved, for more experienced help in those areas... Best of Luck.
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