Best GPU purchase help please !

Hey guy's I would like to call on the collective wisdom of the TH forums to help me track down the best deal for my next GPU purchase ASAP. I live in Canada so NCIX,,, etc are the best places available to me for shopping online for PC parts unless you can direct me to some place better you might know of.

The parameters for this GPU purchase considerations are as follows -

- I want to spend as close to $200 as possible with $250 including shipping fees being the max

- Must be "ideally" a single "Six" pin PCI E power connector so Geforce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850

- Will consider spending a bit more if you find a drop dead deal on a Radeon HD 7870 or GTX Geforce 660ti

- I don't care for OCing as I rather get the highest factory clocked card I can get

- I like EVGA, Msi, Asus but will consider others if the price is right

So lets see what kind of deals we can find guy's. Browny points go to the person with the best find. Thanx in advance !
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  1. After your past behaviour (for which you've been banned numerous times) I think you've got a bit of cheek asking for help for anything.
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